Books about STD’s – Herpes & HPV

Tainted Touch recommends the following titles for gaining knowledge on STD‘s, Herpes and HPV. These are some of the best recognized books on herpes there are available.

Informational books about STD’s, Herpes and HPV

the truth about herpes The Truth About Herpes -  This book not only explains and informs about the physical aspects of herpes better than any other and, it places all of this information within a neutral framework, in which the reader has choices and is offers alternative perspectives about how to come to terms with their own infection, the risk to others, to tell or not to tell and when. It helps understand and answer the question “did my partner cheat on me?” while addressing all of the important questions which are raised by herpes. If you read this book, you will be less risk to others, and you will have made important decisions about your life from an informed perspective. A must have in the library of anyone living with herpes.

managing herpes Managing Herpes: Living and Loving with HSV – An estimated one million Americans are infected each year with genital herpes. Though most are initially unaware of the infection, those diagnosed may face difficult questions about how they acquired herpes and how to manage it. This book provides a well balanced perspective on medical issues and emotional issues including: – Recurrences – Treatment Options – TransmissionPregnancy – Telling Your Partner. Another must have for the library of someone living with Herpes.

choices Choices: Sex in the Age of STDs (2nd Edition) – Most people know that HIV, the AIDS virus, is a killer, but how familiar are they with other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? About one in every 6 people in the US is infected with an STD and nearly one half of those infected are under 25. AIDS is only part of the STD epidemic. In this highly-readable question and answer book, readers will find the information they need to understand and guard against the transmission of AIDS and other STDs. The book is forthright, direct, and non-judgmental in its approach. New coverage to this edition includes updated information on AIDS and HIV/AIDS treatments and new important chapters on prevention. Everyone concerned about his or her health in regards to sexual activity and prevention of STDs.

damaged goods Damaged Goods? Women Living With Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases – How do women living with genital herpes and/or HPV (human papillomavirus) infections see themselves as sexual beings, and what choices do they make about sexual health issues? Adina Nack, a medical sociologist who specializes in sexual health and social psychology, conducted in-depth interviews with 43 women about their identities and sexuality with regard to chronic illness. The result is a fascinating book about an issue that affects millions around the world, but is all too little discussed. "Damaged Goods?" adds to our knowledge of how women are affected by living with chronic STDs and reveals the stages of their sexual self-transformation. From the anxiety of being diagnosed with an STD to issues of blame and shame, Nack – herself diagnosed with a cervical HPV infection – shows why these women, feeling that they are "damaged goods," question future relationships, marriage, and their ability to have healthy children.

dr ruths guide to talking about herpes Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Talking About Herpes – For over two decades, Dr. Ruth has been the most recognizable and influential sex expert in the world. Now she tackles how to deal with one of the most common and misunderstood sexually transmitted diseases: herpes. It is estimated that herpes has infected some sixty million people in the United States. By interviewing dozens of people with herpes who have gone through the process of overcoming guilt, shame, and the common misconceptions associated with herpes, Dr. Ruth speaks frankly and openly about: What herpes is, and the different kinds of herpes you can catch; The ways herpes can be transmitted; How to cope with the disease once you have it; Having that all-important "talk" about dealing with herpes with either a prospective lover or a longtime partner, and Joining a herpes support group (or starting one of your own). Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Talking about Herpes also offers unique strategies on how to talk to your kids about herpes, and how herpes affects you if you’re gay or an older adult. Finally, Dr. Ruth addresses how to talk about other sexually transmitted diseases with your partner or lover.

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