Autoinoculation Means to Self Spread Herpes

Spreading your herpes virus to another part of your body is possible if you are going through a true primary outbreak. Keep in mind that having a true primary outbreak means that you have just contracted herpes for the very first time and you are experiencing your first outbreak.

As I understand it, autoinoculation is something that happens before your immune system has had a chance to understand what is supposed to happen in order to deal with the herpes virus. Herpes antibodies have not developed yet and so this would make it possible to pass herpes to other body parts. That’s what people are talking about when they mention autoinoculation. Autoinoculation is the big medical term that means to “self-spread” something to another part of your body.

Once you’ve had herpes for a while and your body has had a chance to develop antibodies then self spreading your herpes to another body part is highly unlikely.


Because at that point  your body has begun to understand how it’s going to deal with this virus. That’s what the antibodies are for.

Make sure to always wash your hands after going to the bathroom, etc. and do not to touch your eyes – that sort of thing. If you stop and think about it, these are normal hygiene rituals that we are supposed to do anyway, right? The less you touch your face or your eyes, even if you don’t have herpes the less likely you are to get colds and things of that nature.

When it comes to good hygiene there is no reason to over do it. Some people are so paranoid that they scrub their hands down to the point where they ache. That is just NOT necessary.

You are not some sort of contagious disease – I promise! Herpes simplex virus is very manageable and once you get through that first true primary outbreak, the severity will decrease. Over time the frequency of the outbreaks will minimize.

If you know something more about autoinoculation that I don’t know about please write and let me know. I would love to add your comments to this page so we make sure everyone understands how self spreading really works.
Remember, you can’t contract herpes from objects. The situation would have to be extremely suitable on many levels for that to happen, and well, that’s just not likely to happen.

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