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Living with genital herpes since 1999, this 40-something woman inspires others with her life stories of triumph over adversity. Gayla spent years working as an active advocate and support figure. Gayla’s experience includes working with antiviral manufactures on various training and informational videos, patient advocacy and physician awareness.

Gayla has also participated in various TV, magazine and newspaper interviews including a book by Dr. Ruth that was released in April 2004. Gayla is also an active volunteer for non-profits including HELP groups, social support groups and is the creator of

With the lack of public figures who are open about living with genital herpes, the emotional issues that are associated with a herpes diagnosis and in an effort to minimize the social stigma, Gayla has decided share her own inspirational stories to high schools, colleges, groups and organizations that are interested in assisting this effort of raising STD awareness.

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