When you are faced with a life-altering diagnosis, it’s difficult to distinguish the valuable information from that which is bad, outdated and commercially driven.

The mission of Herpesgirl.com is:

  • Help reduce the risk of spreading incurable STD’s
  • Answer a desperate call for STD education
  • Help patients gain confidence and knowledge to help manage STD’s in your daily life
  • Provide information on where to find confidential STD testing
  • Educate you on ways to take control of your STD
  • Inform you of genuine products beneficial to controlling your STD
  • Introduce you to STD Dating Services where you never have to worry about having “the talk”
  • Feature articles about STD’s and all sexually transmitted viruses
  • Explore the relationship between good health and living healthy with an STD
  • Provide a medium for STD sufferers to share their personal experiences
  • Provide information on relevant and valuable publications about STD’s
  • Explore immune boosting products that help living with an STD easier
  • Provide a means where you can ask questions and explore answers from both patients and medical professionals

Herpesgirl.com is designed to provide true and valuable information on a variety of topics that are often uncomfortable to talk about. No information you find here will be commercially driven, however, we do offer tried and true recommendations on products and services to help offset the expenses associated with our website and time spent in developing this resource.

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