Gayla Baer - Herpes GirlMy name is Gayla, having been very active in the world of STD’s since 1998, I have heard many concerns, answered many questions and generated a great deal of research to support my answers to each. It occurred to me that most concerns could be easily answered in one location. My personal experience story may be found here.

I am a Certified HELP Group Advisor through the ASHA Support Program in Southern Indiana, I participated in the GSK* Herpes Internet Advisory Board, participate in Valtrex sales training forums where I offered “The Patient’s Perspective”, I have been a listed member of the GSK Speaker’s Bureau as The Lead Patient Advocate for Valtrex and participated in launch meetings in September 2003.

I have assisted in the forming of several Social Support Groups across the U.S. as well as former Co-founder of Indy Friends. I often serve as a virtual administrative assistant to Dr. H of Herpes.org. My story has been published by several online organizations including Family World Wide* and appeared in the March 2001 issue of Marie Claire Magazine and will appear in Fitness Magazine in the March 2005 and you can find me featured in Dr. Ruth’s new bookDr. Ruth’s Guide to Talking About Herpes. My ongoing effort to provide Support, Education and Public Outreach continues via several venues. I took a leap of faith and ended a 3.5-year career in Support and Public Outreach for a large online Herpes resource center to pursue further, more extensive measures as such.

My true history with sexually transmitted diseases extends back 15 years. Having been employed by Boehringer Mannheim Corporation in Indianapolis (now Roche Diagnostics) where I was staff assistant in STD Research and Development and Drugs of Abuse.

The fact that there is no cure for herpes drives many to the Internet for information on treatments and with anticipation that lurking just beyond that next click lies the promise of a cure. On this site you will find various Herpes treatment products that can be found for ordering on the Internet, those that are available by prescription and over the counter (OTC). I have done extensive research in hopes of providing consumers a list of available treatments, costs, effectiveness and possible concerns associated with each. You will find the opinions below to be of a personal nature, based on my private research and experience.

My personal regimen includes Valtrex Episodic Therapy and an over the counter treatment for treating lesions while the antivirals do their job.

Regardless of the data you find here or anywhere for that matter, there is nothing that can replace the sound advice of a medical professional. It is highly recommended that you consult your personal physician before trying any treatment.

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