A Tale of Three States – Wear the OB Gear Herpes Awareness Shirt

wearOBgear-std awareness tshirt

True story from a Wear OB Gear t-shirt wearer…

I was in Richmond, Virginia, for a work conference, and on the last day, I wore my herpes shirt. Now, I don’t normally care what people think, so I was just pleased that people asked me about it. As the conference was wrapping up, a VERY attractive man (who had commented on the shirt earlier) asked me if I wanted to get together with him later that night. Unfortunately, I had already changed my flight from the next morning to that very afternoon, so I couldn’t go. But hey—I was asked out in a herpes shirt!!

I wore it to the airport. I checked in, and walked around a bit waiting for my flight. I also went into a bar/restaurant to get something to eat, and sat at the bar. There were men sitting there, and they seemed flirtatious. (They were a tad drunk, so I don’t count that LOL). No one said anything or acted funny. That day, I wore it in 3 states (I changed planes in Pittsburgh) and not one funny look or rude comment. :)

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