A law school graduate faces sanctions for lying about former husband and herpes

Few things end well that start with Craigslist and a private eye.

That was the lesson for Lynn Louise Taylor, newly graduated from Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad Law Center and facing legal sanctions for lying in court. She’s accused of hiring a private investigator to anonymously trash her ex-husband’s reputation as a businessman and orthopedic surgeon using supposedly untraceable computers bought from Craigslist.

Broward Circuit Judge Carlos Rodriguez struck all of Taylor’s defenses on a second amended complaint and any future amended pleadings in defamation litigation filed by her ex-husband, Dr. Kenneth Warren Taylor of Hollywood, after a witness testified the scorned wife resorted to an elaborate revenge plot following a messy divorce and ugly custody battle.

Court documents show Lynn Taylor used burner computers to write scathing posts and hired a private detective to access public WiFi networks, anonymously post comments against him on professional review sites, then toss the laptops into the ocean.

The Plantation woman insisted she didn’t draft the posts or know how they came about. She repeatedly denied any role in sworn interrogatories, pleadings, deposition testimony, motions and other filings.

Full Article on Daily Business Review

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