39 Year Old Male Shares His Personal Story of Living with Herpes in a State with Minimal Resources and Support


39-year-old male who has been living with herpes and HPV for a few years – in the state of Utah where there seems to be very little resources and support available. He has endured a bit of rejection by family and has dated without telling. Unfortunately, this is the situation so many find themselves in when there are no support or social groups available. Please read his story below and comment if you like. He has received a link to this post – so he will be aware of comments that are left for him.

Are you Male or Female?


How old are you?


Are you married or single?


What do you do for a living?


What STD do you have?


How long have you had an STD?

a few years

Do you know precisely when, and from whom you contracted this STD?

I have some ideas of who and when, but don’t know exactly

Were you using protection at the time you contracted this STD?

obviously not

What was it like when you were first diagnosed?

scary, a very emotional time

Did your healthcare provider offer you information on your STD and resources to help you cope with your new diagnosis? What could your healthcare provider do differently that would have helped you?

Yes they did. I don’t think there’s anything they could’ve done differently

Have you been sexually active with someone and NOT tell them you had an STD?

yes but i feel bad about it

Have you ever been rejected by a potential partner because of your STD?


Do you have a significant other? If so, how has this STD affected your relationship?

I did but not anymore. And they didn’t know

How did you meet your significant other?

through a friend but its over now

Do you attend support or social group activities in your area? Have you ever attended a national social event? If yes, has it helped?

never had money to attend a national event. There are no support groups in my area

Do your friends and family know you have an STD? Do they treat you differently since you told them?

Yes they know. At first one or two did. One went as far as not wanting me to use the same toilet or shower as him.

How do you treat your STD? Please share brief details of medications and remedies you have tried.

I did treat it. I was talking Valtrex until an infections doctor told me I no longer needed to take it

How has your life changed since you contracted an STD?

I’ve been rejected by a lot of girls. My life has changed very little besides rejections and having a couple outbreaks

How have you personally changed as a result of contracting an STD?

I’ve been more cautious on who I do anything with sexually.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I wish they had some groups and more knowledge of herpes in the state of Utah. But there really isn’t any. You would think there would be with cities like Provo and Salt Lake

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